Ordr.in Touts API at Hackfood the Hackathon

Ordr.in founder and CEO, David Bloom, marks Ordr.in as the "Twilio for food." If that description fails to provide clarity, Ordr.in Builds order and menu management tools for restaurants. Its API and enhanced toolkit (Hackfood) was announced and tested at Hackfood the Hackathon last week. The APIs give you access to:

"... rich, structured data around restaurants, menus, delivery areas and fees as well as providing easy user profile management and of course the ability to place orders for food that we'll ensure gets delivered."

The Hackfood toolkit offers API libraries and drop-in modules for those that don't require custom requests.

What ideas does a food-centric hackathon drum up? One might come up blank as food and APIs fail to cross each other naturally. However, the hackathon resulted in overwhelming enthusiasm and a number of hit applications:

"Hackers built a subway stop-off app that identifies the best places to order takeout near subway stops on one’s route home. There was an actually quite brilliant Taskrabbit-for-food-delivery system called Deliveryhop that I could see disrupting the entire delivery system used by restaurants. There was a gamified system of betting on what you think your office mates will order for lunch (and winning a dollar off your own if you’re correct)."

Ordr.in uses a REST protocol and JSON data format. Restaurants sign up for and pay to be incorporated into the API. Developers can then build ordering apps connected to the restaurants. Menu information, location data, and delivery terms are a sample of the data available via the API.

Bloom claims "In five years you won't recognize the restaurant industry." Ordr.in aims to be at the forefront of the upcoming industry revolution. Many have already benefited from Ordr.in's forward thinking and more are sure to follow.

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