Charity API Improves Info Accuracy, a leading charity database Resource for non-profit organizations and donors, has launched a game changing API in the non-profit space. The API offers data rankings for over 2 million U.S.-based charitable organizations, geolocation data, and IRS data (e.g. 990 forms). Additionally, charitable organizations can take action via the API to update contact information, file 990n postcards, and more.

Org Hunter

OrgHunter claims an ambitious goal: to become the world's most accurate and valuable charity database resource. While the API and consumer-facing website are new offerings, the underlying technologies driving the services currently manage over $25 million annually to over 43,000 U.S.-based charitable organizations. The API strategy will further OrgHunter's ability to connect donors and charitable organizations in an effective, streamlined manner.

The API allows third party apps to directly integrate real-time charity searches. After Integration, end users can look for charities based on location and star ranking among other criteria. Additionally, developers can utilize charts, graphs, and maps to effectively present such data to app users. Data available via the API includes geolocation by longitude and latitude, financial data from nearly 600,000 current year tax returns, over 10 million 990 and 990ez charity tax returns, real time charts and graphs based on the charity tax returns, OrgHunter's proprietary charity ranking system.

A variety of plans are available to access the API. has positioned itself well to be a single resource for charitable organization information. Whether you are an individual searching for quality charitable organizations, or a non-profit organization needing assistance with fundraising, tax filings, or other management requirements; OrgHunter continues to lead and innovate with advanced web, mobile and graphic mapping technologies.

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