Osmosis API: Get All The Facts First - The Best Way To Start A Design Job

When it comes to design, it can often be quite tricky to get designer and client to agree 100% or even just be on the same page with regards to the direction of the project. Unless communication is streamlined and completely clear from the start, the project can run into a number of disasters, not to mention becoming costly and more time consuming than necessary. Osmosis is a web application that serves as a kind of questionnaire and design brief to help creatives save time at the very start of a project. The Osmosis API is available for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.


It's all about gathering the right information before a job starts, creating proposals and creating clean contracts and agreements to protect both parties. Osmosis' simple design project tool has all the features to successfully map out all the details of a campaign, keeping everyone involved on track throughout the whole creative process. Features include re-usable questionnaires, pre-built Wordpress, web development and logo templates, a time-stamped activity stream, metrics for answered and unanswered questions and more.


Osmosis makes it possible to access the data via a simple RESTful API, with example API methods including retrieving recent activities, sending recent activities and managing client information and accounts. The company is still beta testing this API at the moment, and users will need an API Key to access it. Further information is available on the website.

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