In Other API Economy News: AI API Security, Trip Planning APIs and More

Before we head off into the first weekend of the summer, let’s review the news we couldn’t cover with a look at what what going on in the world of APIs. Just in time for summer, Sygic is offering its trip planning API and SDKs to developers. With the JSON API, data can be accessed via GET requests and includes information on places such as location and description, media about places such as photos and videos, and information on local tours including ratings, prices and duration. It’s interesting to note that the API appears to be built on the JSON API specification. The SDKs offer the same functionality and come in JavaScript, iOS and Android flavors.

Security is always top of mind and this week was no different. Elastic Beam announced their flagship security product, API Behavioral Security (ABS). ABS is Artificial Intelligence powered solution that claims to be able to detect and block cyberattacks that target APIs. ABS is available on premise or in the cloud and works as a layer atop existing API infrastructures with the goal to protect APIs using various architectural styles and protocols including REST, WebSocket, SOAP and MQTT; API Gateways and management platforms that exist on application servers.

While the promise is great, the delivery details are a bit vague. Thee AI is described as a combination of “advanced mathematical modeling with strong API behavioral security expertise” but it’s not clear if this means a set of API security heuristics applied to Machine Learning ( ML) or if the technology is something else. ML solutions do take loads of data to be properly trained so it’ll be interesting to see how ABS works in an ever changing security environment. We would recommend familiarizing yourself with the realities of API security when considering such a solution.

Lastly, Singular Payments, a provider offering flat rate payment processing services, has released a suite of APIs and SDKs for their Payfac in a Box offering. The product is a payment gateway that integrates Singular’s electronic payments Platform together with bill presentment and payment functionality allowing developers to build their own custom offering for their users. There are currently SDKs in eight languages and interested developers can also take a look at the available code samples.

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