In Other API Economy News: Browser Updates from Apple, Mozilla and More

Apple released a technology preview for Safari 38. Included in the release is the enablement of Web Payments by making the Payment Requests API an experimental feature. The Payment Requests APITrack this API is a W3C standard candidate and defines a consistent User Experience across payment methods, payment systems, platforms, and merchants. Implementing the API into the browser would put Safari on equal footing with Chrome and Firefox, both which have implemented the API. The Technology Preview is deigned to gather feedback from developers and users during the browser development process. Those interested in trying out the newest features can download through Apple’s site.

In other browser news, Mozilla is now offering a headless version of Firefox. Headless mode allows developers to run Firefox normally but without any visible UI components. The lack of UI helps with performance making it useful for automated testing. To run it from the command line, developers can use the following:

/path/to/firefox -headless

Finally here’s a cool demonstration of what can be done with the ArcGis JavaScript SDK. Raluca Nicola used the SDK to build a 3D map of Manhattan that allows users to toggle various layers to explore the city’s skyscrapers.

In addition to the JavaScript SDK, she also used data made available by New York City, as well as the Wikipedia APITrack this API to pull information on building use, and the Flickr APITrack this API to help load images. We don’t often spotlight apps, but this one was just so well done that I couldn’t help it. For more details on how the app came together, check out the blog post.

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