In Other API Economy News: GitHub Releases Open Source Survey Results, Wonder Woman Inspires Girls to Code

We start today's tour of the API world by looking at mapping software company eeGeo who announced on Thursday that they are rebranding themselves as WRLD and released new developer tools for Web, mobile, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Reminiscent of MapBox’s recent AR/VR announcements with respect to Unity, WRLD has issued SDKs for Unity and Android. With the Unity SDK developers can create 3D maps for location-based games, projects, or virtual or augmented reality experiences. The Android SDK allows Java developers to access camera control and create custom, interactive markers and indoor mapping capabilities.

In open source news, GitHub along with collaborators in academia, industry, and the open source community released the results of their first Open Source Survey. The data includes responses by 5,500 open source participants randomly sampled from over 3,800 projects on, and over 500 sourced from communities that work on other platforms. Notable findings common to the API economy included:

  • Documentation is highly valued but often overlooked, and helps establish inclusive and accessible communities.
  • Negative interactions, while infrequent, are highly visible due to the public nature of open source and can have a negative impact on project activity.

The survey included 50 questions on a broad range of topics. Anyone wishing to view the data can download it on GitHub.

On Thursday, Stripe Launched a SQL Query Tool that allows managers to view their organization's Stripe data. Dubbed Sigma, the tool is meant to relieve the need for customers having to build an in-house solution to analyze their Stripe data. By writing SQL queries, users can create custom reports within their dashboard. With SQL being a commonly used language, Sigma allows for finance departments, accounting teams and executives to ask questions of the data without having to turn to their IT team. The tool is available to all Stripe accounts with tiered pricing starting at $0.02 per processed activity with a $10 monthly infrastructure fee.

Finally, the newly released Wonder Woman movie is already getting an enthusiastic response from critics and viewers alike and is tracking to be the biggest opening ever for a female director. Now, Google is teaming up with Warner Bros to inspire teen girls to code. Google is releasing a new interactive coding project that allows teen girls to code three unique scenes from the film. The project is called Made With Code and is a Google initiative to encourage young women to consider careers in technology.

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