Outbrain Amplify API Opens Discovery Platform to Developers

Outbrain, a leading content discovery Platform, has announced the launch of the new Outbrain Amplify API which allows company approved partners programmatic access to the Outbrain platform.


Outbrain is a content discovery platform that distributes high quality content which appears as recommendations on content publisher websites and applications. These recommendations are displayed on popular websites such as Wall Street Journal, Slate, Fast Company, and People.com. Outbrain uses complex contextual, behavioral and personal algorithms to try to find the most interesting and compelling content for each individual visitor on publishing websites. The platform also uses Machine Learning techniques to help determine which recommendations should be served.

The new Outbrain Amplify API allows Outbrain customers and approved partners to manage and measure their content campaigns using third-party websites and applications. The API makes it possible for media partners to build their own content placement solutions, manage bids in real time, and simultaneously track partner data. The Outbrain Amplify API is also being used to integrate Outbrain campaigns with the dashboards of media and technology companies that are part of Outbrain's global partner ecosystem. Gilad deVries, SVP Product and Strategy at Outbrain, is quoted in the press release as saying:

"The content marketing industry is continually expanding and fragmenting, which makes it difficult for marketers to find comprehensive solutions. We listened to our audience and opened up our platform to address this. Our new proprietary technology will not only make marketers more effective and therefore successful, but will also help to drive the continued and explosive growth seen in our industry."

At the time of this writing, Outbrain is working with a small group of approved partners to integrate the Amplify API. Companies interested in using the Outbrain Amplify API should contact Outbrain to inquire about partnership opportunities.

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