Outright Development Announces Custom API Design Services

Outright Development, a custom software development provider, has announced a new service dedicated to building custom APIs for its clients. Prior to the API service, Outright Development focused on custom mobile and web application development. However, with the API economy continuing to grow, Outright Development found custom API services were a must to keep the company relevant and moving forward.

“[W]e are finding that many companies are in need of very specific and customized APIs, especially in the mobile app space where there’s a need for mobile apps to communicate with back end databases or with other applications,” CEO Chad Davine said in a news release.

Outright Development has offered custom software development services since 2010. With its API design services, Outright Development will work directly a client to understand what it desires to offer to end users via a web or mobile app. From idea creation, the team will develop and build the API that meets each client's individual needs.

As more and more companies deploy an API strategy, expect more software development firms to offer API design services. APIs have proven themselves to streamline processes, democratize access to data and provide new revenue streams. Software development firms are poised to cash in on mobile and web app owners' new API-based business models. Unknowns still need to be worked out: How flexible will such developers be in their development strategy? What protocols will be followed? Which licensing scheme will be used? Will SOAP services be offered, or purely REST API models? All such questions will inevitably be asked and answered as the API economy continues to take root in the modern-day connected world.

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