Overrun by Job Applicants? Hireright Brings Leading Edge Efficiency to Background Checks

The Hireright API integrates Hireright's background checking solutions into applications because hiring has in part become a game of speed: you need the automated tasks done fast with the information available inside your system for digitally flexible use.

Hireright partners with recruiting packages from companies like Oracle, Taleo, Kenexa, SAP, ADP/VirtualEdge, SilkRoad, PeopleAdmin, HealthcareSource, and HRsmart to make the background check process seamless, with results delivered to whatever human resources programs you use to manage applicants and employees.
An example of how Hireright is used comes from Andy Baggot in his article Badgers athletics: Enhanced hiring policy, tougher background checks pay off,, everybody right down to volunteers working in the University of Wisconsin's athletics department are now subject to background checks.

"According to Holly Weber, the human resources director for UW Athletics, more than 700 camp-related background checks have been run through her office since April. She said the department uses HireRight, a global employment screening specialist, for this purpose. At $35 a pop, it is money well spent to make sure dubious characters are identified before any liberties are taken."

By integrating Hireright's pre-built solutions, a developer can rely on a service used by more than a third of Fortune 500 companies.

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