Overview Project API Improves Visualization with Word Cloud Functionality

The Overview Project, an open source tool for searching, visualizing and culling large volumes of documents or text, will soon add a word cloud feature to the Overview Project API. The Overview Project API provides programmatic access to the cloud-based Overview Project Platform and can be used to manipulate document sets, create custom text visualizations, automate document set processing tasks and more.


A word cloud feature will soon be added to the Overview Project API and Overview server. Image credit: Overview Project

The Overview Project was created for journalists to help them find stories from large numbers of documents. Now the platform is used for a variety of other purposes, including qualitative research, social media conversation analysis and legal document review. The Overview platform is capable of quickly reading and analyzing thousands of documents and features full text search, topic modeling, coding, tagging and more.

The Overview Project API was launched last month and can be used to create applications that can retrieve and manipulate data sets and related objects stored in the Overview platform (Overviewproject.org). The API can also be used to incorporate Overview platform functionality into third-party applications. The API only supports HTTPS (do not use HTTP), all API calls require authorization, and API responses are returned in JSON format.

The Overview server is free for up to 200,000 documents, and developers can use the open Source Code on GitHub to create their own personal Overview server on their computers or other Web hosting service.

For more information about the Overview platform and API, visit Overviewproject.org/.

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