Ozlo Opens AI Platform via API Suite

Ozlo, Artificial Intelligence solution provider, recently opened its Platform to third party users. Ozlo differentiates itself from other AI providers through a probabilistic approach to solving problems that uses both facts and subjective analysis to enhance conversations between a human user and machine. Ozlo provides access to its multi-tiered AI platform through a suite of APIs (i.e. Search API, Similarity API, Recognize API, Fulfill API, and Suggest API).

Ozlo's conversational approach to AI is what Ozlo hopes will set it apart from some of the more established players in the space. While Ozlo certainly maintains a massive database of facts (currently around 2 billion), Ozlo's platform creates more context around those facts to enhance the User Experience. For example, a purely fact-based AI system can tell you whether a restaurant is open at a certain time, or whether a specific item is on the menu. However, facts cannot necessarily answer whether the same restaurant is a good place for large groups or whether one menu item is better than another. Ozlo's platform offers probabilistic assertions alongside accepted facts. In turn, an integrated app could suggest when a restaurant is open and whether it is a good place for a large group.

Ozlo splits its API suite across three categories (i.e. data, intent, converse). The data category includes the 2 billion facts and serves as a starting point for the Ozlo platform. APIs within the data category include a Search API (includes both facts and metadata search functionality) and the Similarity API (retrieves similarity arcs and related concepts). The intent category includes the Recognize API (includes an intent classifier mapped against a user inquiry with associated context) and the Fulfill API (routes user intent to the proper execution based on historical context and dialogue). The converse category includes the Suggest API (indicates a likely set of next questions a user may ask).

For those who want to learn more, request a demo from the Ozlo team. Ozlo is now offering access to its platform via the API structure mentioned above. Users can access the entire platform, or segmented portions of the platform. Pricing is based on volume. Follow updates on Ozlo's Medium site.

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