Ozonetel Introduces Speech API for KooKoo IVR

Ozonetel, cloud communications service provider, has introduced a speech API for its KooKooTrack this API cloud telephony Platform. The KooKoo Speech API allows KooKoo users to add natural language processing capabilities to the KooKoo IVR. Using the <recognize> tag, developers can input voice and output voice data into text.

To demonstrate the Speech API, Ozonetel has put together a clever demo. Simply call the demo number and say something. In return, you will receive a text with the message you said. The API is currently ready for use, and Ozonetel has published a number of use cases it envisions. From customer feedback surveys, to order status, Ozonetel sees an endless realm of possibilities for its latest release.

The <recognize> tag currently supports Ozonetel's voice engine (Zena) and the Google speech engine. Developers may choose the engine, set limits in integer value, timeouts for wait time, length limits for digits, supported languages, and more. For more specifics on the <recognize> tag and KooKoo Speech API, check out the docs.

In its blog announcement, the Ozonetel team acknowledges "Voice has suddenly become popular again." The company points out that voice interfaces seem to be popping up all around us (e.g. Google Home, Alexa, etc.). If this trend continues, the KooKoo Speech API could easily serve as a speech interface to your application of choice. Check out some of the use case examples within the docs for some interesting applications.

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