Paddle API: A Quick Check-Out Makes Happy Shoppers

Online shopping has won many a consumer over with the quick, easy and convenient benefits it provides. But even with all its pros, the check-out process can still be a bit laborious and time consuming. As with all things digital, we have become spoiled for choice and anything other than lightening fast can make users a little grumpy. This is the issue that Paddle has set out to address. It's an app for iPhone, Android and tablets that allows users to make payments with a quick click or tap. The Paddle API also makes it quick and easy for its functionality to be integrated with other existing e-commerce systems.


Instead of requiring a user to fill in a long list of payment and personal details every time they want to complete a transaction, Paddle simply requires that they provide these details once, then the application automatically stores them securely for future use. The system uses banking-grade security measures to keep card details encrypted, and as added protection, the system requires that the user types in the security code for the card they are using to make the payment. Users are able to pay with Paddle on any web page that displays the "Pay With Paddle" button at the check-out. Then it's a simple process of clicking that button and completing a payment within 10 seconds. The system also makes use of QR codes which allows users to easily make payments with the Paddle app on their phones while shopping on a different system, like a laptop or desktop for example. In a Mobile Payments Today article, Paddle founder, Ed Lea says,

"Most mobile payments don't make the payment easier and online is especially cumbersome," he added, "with Paddle, consumers have an easier purchase experience on the mobile web."


The whole point of Paddle is to make the online payment process a simple and easy one, and the company has continued this approach in their creation of the Paddle API, making Integration as straightforward as possible. Some example API methods include adding Paddle buttons on sites and applications, accepting payments and reviewing transactions. Further information and Documentation is available on the website, and developers are encouraged to contact the company and share any feedback they may have in order to make the process an even better one.

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