PandaScore APIs Deliver Access to E-Sports Data

PandaScore is a statistics and data hub for e-sports. Through its two APIs, the REST API, and the Live API, PandaScore delivers the same level of data currently available for live sports for digital leagues across sports and genres. PandaScore is currently working with some of the world's best known leagues (e.g. League of Legends, FIFA, Dota 2, and more) to build is product and its offering.

For live sports, the human eye is the standard. Consider a basketball game. Humans are tracking every rebound, every three pointer, every free throw. PandaScore wants to replicate such database building for e-sports. PandaScore currently uses live streams from Twitch and YouTube to track and compile stats from e-sports. An algorithm uses screenshots to determine what's happening and gathers useful data.

The PandaScore REST API retrieves data about players, tournaments, leagues, matches, teams, and more. The Live API retrieves data regarding events and matches in real time from connected tournaments and leagues. For either API, developers need to first get an API key Once registered, the wealth of data and flexibility in using the data is vast. The various pages, filters, ranges, sorts and searches available through the APIs allow developers wide discretion to build upon and consume PandaScore data.

Check out the API reference to learn more. PandaScore has created a getting started guide for those ready to jump in. Keep up with all changes and updates at the running changelog.

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