Panoptix Increases Building Efficiency API Count to 10

Johnson Controls launched Panoptix last year to offer developers a  set of tools and APIs that encourage development in the building efficiency space. Developers took their first shot at the Panoptix suite of APIs at Hack-City SF. Panoptix continues to garner attention to its Platform, and further enhanced the offering with four new APIs. Panoptix launched with building, space, and meter data APIs; now, the platform added AHU, VAV, and HVAC data.

The Panoptix team has

"been very pleased with the overall market response to Panoptix and...especially pleased that so many solution providers and developers are interested in leveraging...Panoptix Platform Services."

The platform represents yet another step in Johnson Controls' 125 year history of enabling efficiency in the building industry. With nominal monthly fees, Johnson Controls hopes to save builders and managers thousands on a monthly basis.

All Panoptix APIs utilize REST protocol and return data in a JSON format. Developers can retrieve energy trends, spacial data, and other utility data that drives building operating costs. Interested developers can join the community at the developer site.

APIs have progressed beyond the web and software vendors. Standalone hardware (e.g. HVAC systems) that once operated as standalone appliances can now interact with analytic platforms and aggregators to enhance efficiency across many sectors. Johnson Controls continues to pave new roads in its industry.

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