Panoramio Service and API to Shut Down in November

Google has announced that they will shutting down panoramic photo sharing site Panoramio, along with the Panoramio APITrack this API on November 4th. Originally the company had announced plans for the shut down in 2014 but due to strong community feedback they postponed those plans. Now that Google Maps and Local Guides include photo upload tools, the decision has been made to move on from Panoramio.

After November 4, 2016, users will no longer be able to add new photos, likes, or comments, and new signups will not be allowed. Users will continue to have access to photos in Panoramio along with the ability to export their data until November 2017 at which point Panramio will be retired. All Panoramio photos have the option of being transferred to the Google Album Archive and photos currently appearing in Google Maps will contineu to appear in Maps unless they are later deleted.

In announcing the shutdown, Google followed some of the best practices laid out by Mark Boyd including: announcing the shut down via a blog post, and allowing a long lead time for change. For developers intersted in alternate photo-sharing communities with available APIs, FlickrTrack this API, Instagram, 500pxTrack this API and IpernityTrack this API all provide options.

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