Pantone Launches API for its Color Matching System

Pantone, a color management company that is best known for the Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color space that is used by various industries to ensure accurate colors across systems, has announced a new API for third-party software Integration.

This new API will allow developers to more easily integrate Pantone’s color data into applications. Iain Pike, Pantone’s Licensing Business Development Director, stated in the press release:

“The new Pantone API eliminates a lot of the heavy coding once required by developers and enables licensee partners, like Adobe and CP Company, to seamlessly integrate Pantone libraries into their software or applications...”

The Pantone API is based on GraphQL and enables Pantone color searches by name or the associated number. Developers hoping to partner with Pantone can get started by contacting the company’s validated licensee sign-up page. 

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