ParallelDots Announces Two New AI API Products

ParallelDots, Artificial Intelligence solution provider, has introduced two new API products. The Virality Detection API predicts anticipated popularity of a photo based on photos trending on social media. The Excel add-in allows users to integrate ParallelDot's AI APIs into Excel. The Excel add-in allows users to analyze data within Excel without the need for code.

The Virality Detection API scores photos with a number (up to 100) that aims to predict a photo's potential to go viral. In creating the algorithm to power this API, ParallelDots built a neural network composed of 500,000 photos. The photos include both popular and unpopular photos from various social platforms. The company is currently working on a paper that describes methods. ParallelDots anticipates that the API will be of particular use to journalists,  bloggers, and apps looking to find images that will draw the most attention online.

The Excel add-in allows users to collect disparate datasets (whether structured or unstructured) in Excel, where ParallelDots can then provide analysis. The ParallelDots API can provide color to the data regarding sentiment, emotions, intent, and much more. The Excel add-in uses Natural Language Processing to prepare the ParallelDots API for analysis. The add-in eliminates the need for users to write any code.

ParallelDots believe AI is a universal technology that can be applied across verticals and industries. The company has gone to market with an API-driven strategy that looks to democratize access to AI. Its current suite of APIs fall within two large buckets (visual analytics and text analytics). Within those buckets, the company continues to expand its functionality tailored to specific use cases, as is the case with the Virality Detection API and the Excel add-in.

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