Parasoft Enahances API Testing Tool

Parasoft, software testing solution provider, announced new features within its API testing solution, SOAtest. SOAtest assists testers with security, reliability, and performance across systems via automated "end-to-end" testing scenarios. New functionality includes a thin client interface, enhanced workflows, and Shift-left Performance Testing.

The thin client interface allows greater access to SOAtest. Accordingly, teams can quickly test projects and tie tests to specific environments. Further, the interface facilitates correlation and collaboration across an organization and systems.

The enhanced workflows help organizations gain quick access to test data. Such access helps test creators to effectively create and move tests. The end result is more streamlined access to data which should allow companies to solve challenges through a data-centric approach.

Shift-left performance testing allows better testing in early stages of development. The functionality allows users to reuse existing test artifacts. Further, users can review test results in an easy to use, web-enabled dashboard. To get started with SOAtest, check out the Parasoft site. Parasoft made the announcement at Microsoft Built 2017. For those at the conference, Parasoft is showcasing the new functionality at booth #209.

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