Parasoft Launches SOATest: Raising the Bar on API Integrity

Parasoft has released its new testing solution, SOATest. From testing mainframe subsystems like DB2 databases to parameterization of test & validation tools for complex data structures, from second-generation extension Framework to custom message formats, SOATest covers the bases.

In a press release, Wayne Ariola, Chief Strategy Officer for Parasoft, pointed to the increasingly important role APIs play in explaining the rising need for testing, “With the recent shift to an API economy, the integrity of the APIs you produce and consume is now more important than ever."

Parasoft has developed a "testing maturity model" to probe for problems that create four risks: the possibility that faulty software will drive customers away--and hut your brand; problems that increase time-to-market, which can give competitors a leg up; the possibility of incurring legal liability from application failure; and regulatory compliance issues. The types of testing include: Function, load & performance, security, and runtime error detection, among others. The testing is on five different levels: Ad-hoc, Reactive, Proactive, Managed, and Optimized.

Parasoft's aim is simple: reducing testing costs, reduce risk with faster more exhaustive testing, and boost efficiency with automation.

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