Paravision Updates Developer Resources for Facial Recognition Implementations

Paravision, a company that provides facial recognition software and services, has announced an updated suite of solutions that are aimed at simplifying the process of developing third-party applications that leverage its technology. These offerings include updated SDKs for facial recognition via smart cameras and anti-spoofing SDKs. 

These newly announced products rely heavily on Ambarella’s CVflow, an AI vision architecture, which provides much of the video processing capability. The anti-spoofing SDK is especially interesting as it “uses Ambarella’s supported visible light, near-infrared and depth-sensing capabilities to determine whether the camera sees a live subject or is being tricked by recorded footage or a dummy image, unlocking the power of CVflow for applications that demand real-time liveness and anti-spoofing capability.”

The announcement also notes that the Face SDK is now able to “... achieve up to 40 frames per second full pipeline performance on Ambarella SoCs, delivering a breakthrough combination of speed, power, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.”

Paravision also noted that it has partnered with Teknique in an effort toward improving the lower risk development of Edge AI solutions on its Platform.