Parse and Box Join Forces to Boost Enterprise App Development

Despite the rise in the number of programming languages and developer frameworks, it is still not an easy task to develop a mobile application powered by a server side infrastructure. You not only have to worry about selecting a Platform/language of choice but also consider items like storage, application logic and much more. Parse and have come together to make things easier for you. is a leading file storage provider in the cloud with its own REST API and Enterprise customers have been one of the highest users of Box. To serve the segment further, Box and Parse have announced a partnership, where Parse will be officially listed as an option to build your Box App right in the Application Settings page. The setup is seamless and with just a few extra steps your Parse application is created and if needed, you are even signed up for the service. This partnership should give wide visibility to parse whenever any developer wants to write a Box App.

Parse is a provider of a mobile backend platform and you can be up and running with your backend in literally minutes. It lets you focus on writing your native or web mobile application and when you need to persist data in the cloud, Parse makes it dead simple for you to simply invoke a few lines of code to save your data. It even provides a REST API to access all the data from your non-mobile applications. At the lowest level, you can save unstructured data in your application but Parse also provides structured objects like Users, Social Graphs, Locations and Files, should you need those.

An example in Android to save an object in the Parse cloud is show below:

// Create a new Parse object
ParseObject post = new ParseObject("Post");
post.put("title", "Parse and Box announce partnership");
post.put(" URL", "http://someurl");

// Save it to Parse

The kind of applications that could result from a combination of Box and Parse could be interesting. Imagine a geo-enabled mobile application for a Doctors office where the mobile application uses the Parse backend to save GeoPoints and if within the vicinity of the office, forms that need to be filled out by the patient are served from Box. The possibilities are endless and the means to getting them developed have become that much easier.

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