Parse Expands IoT SDKs to Include Atmel, Broadcom, Intel, and TI

Parse has announced the expansion of its line of IoT SDKs to include Atmel, Broadcom, Intel, and Texas Instruments (TI). The company announced the launch of Parse for IoT at the F8 Facebook developer conference held earlier this year. Parse for IoT is a new line of SDKs designed for constrained hardware environments. Developers can use these SDKs to build a wide range of applications for connected devices.

Image Credit: Parse

Parse for IoT SDKs make it possible for developers to quickly add functionality to devices such as push notifications, save data, and connecting to the Parse cloud. The SDKs make it possible to work with native objects using only a few lines of code. Developers can use the Parse for IoT SDKs for Arduino and Embedded C projects.

The IoT line of SDKs has been expanded to include Atmel, Broadcom, Intel, and TI allowing Parse to be used with more types of hardware and developers to build applications for a wide range of connected devices. The announcement post provides several examples of applications built with Parse IoT SDKs including Freight Farms farm-to-table growing system, Musaic smart wireless HiFi system, and Trignis Smart Smoker BBQ Bot.

Parse IoT SDKs are open source and the Embedded C SDKs (for Arduino Yún, Unix, and RTOS C platforms.) can be downloaded from GitHub. Developers can also download the new partner SDKs and view QuickStart guides on the company website.

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