Particle Health Launches Beta API Program to Enable Instant Access to Patient Records

Particle Health, an API provider touting services that offer a holistic view of healthcare data for its industry partners, has opened limited access to its beta API program. This program queries the company’s national healthcare data network in order to access a patient’s medical records and provide partners with secure access to full patient histories. Particle Health hopes that this program will connect protected health information to clinicians, electronic medical records to insurers, and CCD to FHIR.

The Particle Health beta program is part of the national movement in healthcare to fall in line with the federal mandate to comply with the anti-information blocking rule within the Cures Act. This act requires that patients be given secure access to their data. The Office of the National Coordinator, within the US Department of Health and Human Services, has outlined regulatory dates for compliance with these measures. These objectives begin with an initial target date for opening up access and then move through several years of targets which will include requiring real-world proof of patient access to data.

With the new API, Particle Health aims to offer a solution for healthcare providers looking to round up their data. Currently, its beta program is application-only, as it ramps up to a full launch. The API complies with FHIR and CCDA standards and allows for access to health records for over 250M unique patients across the U.S. The Particle Data Transformation Pipeline can be utilized independently from its EMR connections as a stand-alone API. 

Beyond in-office healthcare providers, digital healthcare providers (telemedicine providers) will be able to provide their patients with constant, immediate access to their records. The program hopes to garner an applicant pool of insurance companies, creators of clinical research tools, developers for medical data apps, consumer health app creators, and other app developers targeting medical service providers. Particle Health encourages potential users to apply as soon as possible. 

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