Party Political Style With Your Senator and the Sunlight Foundation

We all like to party, but not all parties are created equal.  Maybe it's not politically correct to say so, but it’s true.  To get into some parties, you pay five bucks.  To get into others, you bring a homemade dish.  But if you wanna party political style, you should bring your cash.  That’s the message I’m getting from one of our newest APIs:  Party Time from the Sunlight Foundation.

I used the API to find out where my Senator has been partying, you know just to see how our tastes compare.  You won’t find too many vegetarians in a steak house, so it seems that Mrs. Collins and I are not quite peas in a pod.  Here’s the ringer: for nothing more than a cool $1,000 I could have joined her for this stake house luncheon.

The API here is still pretty rough, but there’s a lot of great mashups waiting to happen.  How about a party tour that takes you to all the recent party spots visited by the representative of your choice?  Or we could mine into the frequency and kind of events at particular party venues.  We could also take a look at the minimum donation amounts for each fundraiser and see if there’s any relation to tenure or sub-committee appointment.

There’s a growing collection of political APIs in our index to help you build the 2012 election mashup that we all want to see.


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