PassDefense API: Reliable Security For Your Web Users

Developers know the importance of internet security and being able to offer their users high standard password information protection. PassDefense is an application that offers developers a solution that enables them to authenticate and secure user data. The PassDefense API provides access to it's data, making it possible to create and authenticate users, send and retrieve data and more.


The folks at PassDefense suggest that it's because they are developers and entrepreneurs themselves that they have built a product to tackle web security issues and offer developers the simplest Authentication solution. The application handles everything including user authentication, secure storage for user passwords and tools to help monitor usage. The system's security and reliability is based on the fact that it utilises military grade cryptography to ensure users' passwords are kept completely secret, and it uses redundant elastic cloud storage to provide users with the highest availability.

The PassDefense API is available for developers who want to make use of this functionality, and the company is dedicated to keeping Documentation up to date, simple to read and with examples in several programming languages. An account and API key is required in order to access the API.

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