PasswordPing APIs Check Passwords and Credentials for Exposure

PasswordPing, password and credential security solution provider, has announced the launch of its password and credential breach notification service, and corresponding APIs. The service alerts organizations of exposed credentials utilized among its user base. The suite of APIs associated with the notification service allow developers to call the PasswordPing service to understand where exposed passwords and credentials may be putting their organizations at risk.

The Passwords API allows a user to check a password for exposure. The password is sent to the PasswordPing Service and the returned data indicates whether the password has been exposed. An obvious integration point for the Passwords API is with sign up forms or password change forms. Before a new password is accepted, the password can be checked for exposure.

The Credentials API checks a username/password combination against the PasswordPing service to determine whether the combination has been exposed. Developers can integrate this functionality with login screens so that if a combination is used the system can alert the user that the password needs to be changed.

The APIs are RESTful and return calls in a JSON data format. Additional APIs in the PasswordPing portfolio include Exposures Alerts Service API, and Exposures API. For more information on PasswordPing's developer tools, check out the developer site

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