Pastebin Abruptly Discontinues Scraping API

Pastebin, a tool used by many researchers to track potential data breaches, recently announced the deprecation of its scraping API. Pastebin tweeted the decision:

"The scraping API has been discontinued due to active abuse by third parties for commercial purposes, such activity is prohibited by our current T&C's...."

The security research community has not responded well to the announcement. Some have called it "throwing the baby out with the bathwater." Many rely on scraping Pastebin data to conduct critical research. Accordingly, stopping the availability of this tool could lead to undetected malware and other breaches. Instead of discontinuing access to this functionality, many have suggested that it should improve its security capabilities.

Pastebin has not disregarded this advice. In response to the calls for continued access through different models, Pastebin commented that it was evaluating its options. It may develop a model specifically for security researchers. So far, Pastebin appears to be communicating all of its plans regarding the scraping API via Twitter. Stay tuned for more information.

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