Patricia Seybold on Mashups

In a post entitled Why "Mash Ups" Matter Patricia Seybold applies her customer-centric perspective to the topic of mashups. She begins by giving some background on the topic and then getting into the core of her points which are that mashups enable customers to creatively consume your brand experience and that if you build them they will come.

In the middle is a bit of "daydreaming" on what classes of mashups might be useful along with some hypothetical examples.

  • Financial Services: a personal net worth meter that combines your own financial data from a greater variety of personally-relevant sources than you can from say Quicken. (This is a type that a few people were discussing at Mashup Camp).
  • Travel Services: a trip planning mashup with flights, itineraries, schedules, transit routes, personal calendar Integration, group coordination functions, and of course photos.
  • Business and Consumer Services: ranging from local truck tracking to ways for matching wishes of grandchildren to new product announcements.

In the end she argues that:

What’s different now is that you don’t need to figure out what kinds of applications end customers would value and use. You don’t have to design and host those applications. You don’t always need to create an end-to-end customer experience. All you need to do is to take much of the data-driven information you already have (inventory, order status, promotions, pricing, diagnostics, Branch and plant locations, people and vehicle movements, market data, etc.) and expose that information as services--both for other applications to use (within and outside your organization) and for lead users, and eventually end customers, to use in combination with services they select from other companies.

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