Paw 3 API Tool for Mac Has Been Released

Paw, a provider of REST services testing tools for Mac, has released Paw version 3 which includes new features such as Paw for Teams, a dark theme, interface improvements, a new icon, and several bug fixes. Paw 3 is a free upgrade; users of Paw version 2.3.4 and earlier releases can upgrade via the Paw website or Mac App Store.

Paw is a native Mac HTTP client for testing REST APIs. Paw includes a variety of features such as code generators, advanced support for cookies and sessions, SSL client certificates import, hypermedia API browsing, API Request/response sharing (pawprints), and more. There are also a number of Paw extensions that allow for additional capabilities such as generating code for JavaScript AJAX requests with JQuery, CURL command line code, and code for Python using the Requests Library. There are also extensions for importing API definition files and/or collections such as API Blueprint, RAML, and Swagger.

Paw 3 includes several new features including Paw for Teams, a new service that allows team members to collaborate on projects and sync changes. Team members can work separately on a project then merge changes when needed (similar to Git). Paw for Teams is available as a paid plan (monthly or yearly subscription).There is also a Paw classic plan for individual developers (regular license, no monthly fee).

Paw is similar in some ways to Postman REST client. Some of the similarities and differences between Paw API testing tool for Mac and Postman REST client are discussed in this Hacker News thread. Paw is a paid API testing tool and Postman is available for free as well as a paid plan. Paw is also only available for OS X and Postman is available as a Chrome app and can be installed on Windows or Mac.

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