Pay With Plastic For Snappy Transactions: Plastiq API

When your business or product's main access to customers is online, the last thing you want is a stumbling block when it comes to accepting payments. Quick and easy is the name of the game as online shoppers are used to nothing less than instant purchases at the click of a button and the convenient option to use their credit cards. Plastiq is a credit card payment processing and service provider that allows merchants to easily accept credit card payments for their goods and services. The Plastiq API makes it possible for developers to integrate this functionality with other applications.


The service is free of charge, and merchants who make use of the Plastiq Platform can benefit from a dashboard which gives them quick access to recent transaction information and keeps them informed on the most important aspects of their accounts. The service posts all the payments from the day before directly into the merchant's designated account and sends emails detailing every transaction as well as sending daily, data-rich, transaction reports in MS Excel. In addition, the 'Pay Now' button means that merchants can provide their customers with a quick and easy way to make payments directly from their websites.

Plastiq's API was already in place when the application was launched as the company understands that it is important for some merchants to be able to track, store, and have complete access to their transactions. The API also means that developers can create new applications, integrating this functionality. Public Documentation is not available, but those interested in making use of the API will need to create an account or contact Plastiq via their website.

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