PayChannel: Processing Payments for Businesses

The PayChannel API makes it possible to incorporate its credit card processing gateway into your software Platform. Public information on the API is not available, though it does provide 8 payment features:

  1. Processing options for credit card, debit card and electronic checks (ACH)
  2. Processing of authorizations and settlements
  3. Reversing or voiding charges
  4. Recurring payment set up
  5. Convenience fee transactions
  6. An option for a shopping cart
  7. Ability to process at your business's front counter
  8. And secure processing.

PayChannel also provides E-billing (which allows you to bill your customers electronically and for them to pay you the same way), interactive voice response (IVR) (for automated over the phone payment) and hosts payment sites. The latter are constructed by a design team to match the look and feel of the client's own website for that one-stop-shop experience.

According to PayChannel, "Standard features on the [payment] site include bill summary display, payment options for credit/debit and e-check, quick payment options or registration to setup a user account for the site, payment history and printable payment receipts." It also includes a customer service Portal so that your staff can take payments over the phone.

PayChannel is a division of RT Lawrence Corporation (RTL), founded in 1992 and headquartered in Whittier, CA.

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