Payleven Extends Mobile Credit Card Payments to Third Party Apps with API

Payleven, the Square equivalent for the world outside of the US, has launched an API to complement its mobile payment device. Prior to the API, use of Payleven's mobile payment device required downloading the Payleven app (similar to Square's current model). However, the API allows developers to integrate Payleven's functionality within third party apps. Payleven and its competitors already turned mobile phones and tablets into credit card terminals. Extending its functionality via an API potentially turns any application into a credit card accepting mechanism.

For all intensive purposes, Payleven geographically exists everywhere Square does not (absent the far east). Incubated by one of Europe's largest internet providers (Rocket Internet), Payleven spread throughout Europe and into South America. Rapid geographic expansion, and enhanced functionality (e.g. API) could give Payleven a leg up in the mobile credit card payments space against some industry giants (e.g. Square, PayPal, etc.). The potential has not gone unnoticed with new rounds of funding from major European venture capitalists.

Developers interested in integrating the Payleven API into their existing applications should contact Payleven's developer team. The Integration brings the complete functionality of Payleven into any application of choice. Users may still track payments, enter price, and email receipts through the usual Payleven methods. The value proposition lies in a single app for payment. No longer will users need to leave their app for credit card payment or manually enter credit card information. Mobile payment is a major area of market disruption, and API functionality could take mobile credit card payments from forward thinking to a common place transaction.

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