Payleven Launches Payments Developer Suite for 3rd Party App and POS Integration

Payleven, international mobile card payments company, has launched a suite of developer products for iOS and Android payment Integration: payleven for Developers. The developer suite includes two options for integration: an API and a SDK. Payleven had previously made a name for itself as the only mPOS provider to offer multi-channel payments. The company solidifies its position by offering integration capabilities for marketplace platforms and point of sale apps.

"In the mobile revolution, payment integration and interconnectivity between solutions is vital, payleven co-founder and Managing Director, Konstantin Wolff, commented in a press release. "Here at payleven, we are addressing this need by delivering diverse options, as the only multi-channel payment technology company for small businesses and app developers alike."

Payleven for Developers includes multiple products. App Pay is a simple method for developers to integrate in-app payments via a smartphone or tablet. App Pay eliminates the need for a card reader. Repeat sales are simple because App Pay recognizes return users. Point Pay allows developers to integrate mPOS payments with a card reader into an app. The API completes the payment within the payleven app, after auto-transfer from the app where the transaction initiated. As an alternative, the SDK gives developers complete control, end-to-end, without leaving the native app.

Payleven continues to expand its payment options and geographic footprint. Early testers (e.g. Conichi) of the integration option have provided positive feedback as it offers a complete mobile experience. Per usual, payleven expands payment options with a high-level of security. For more information, visit the developer site.

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