Payment Savvy Launches Payment Processing API

Payment Savvy, payment processor, announced a new Open API that integrates payment processing with software platforms across industries. From medical and automotive, to utilities and telecoms, the Payment Savvy Open API was designed to serve users that can leverage existing infrastructure. Alongside the API, Payment Savvy will continue to utilize its convenience fee model.

"Normal payment processors make it difficult to integrate with the customer's software, but Payment Savvy LLC has alleviated these issues to make it easy for a quick and seamless Integration to the clients' software," a Payment Savvy spokesperson commented in a press release. "We are committed to helping our clients grow better and smarter."

Payment technologies continue to develop and evolve on a rapid basis, and API access to associated services has become a must for market relevance. Payment Savvy realizes as much and the company adopted an open API model to expose its services to as wide an audience as possible. The API strategy, paired with the convenience fee model (no cost to the biller) make for an attract offer in an increasingly competitive market. 

Payment Savvy has launched a number of forward thinking services prior to the new Open API including ACH processing, Pay by Text Message, Online Payment Gateway and more. To follow Payment Savvy, and all of its new developments, check out the company website. Public Documentation for the new API is not yet available. 

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