PayOnDelivery Launches API

PayOnDelivery, online payment Platform that doesn't charge until delivery, has announced the PayOnDelivery API. Third party apps and websites may use the API to integrate payment processing. Developers have full access to the PayOnDelivery platform, including its keystone feature that refuses to release funds until the product lands in a consumer's hands. PayOnDelivery CEO, Jeff Fashakin, commented:

“With the PayOnDelivery API, any online marketplace can offer their customers the option of using our service to complete their transaction....Our service guarantees payments for sellers by securing and holding funds as soon as an offer is accepted. At the same time, we also guarantee buyers are protected from fraud and scams on sites like Craigslist by ensuring their funds are not released until they receive their purchase.”

PayOnDelivery's unique value proposition provides a sense of security in highly unregulated social marketplaces (e.g. Craigslist). PayOnDelivery promotes itself as the PayPal alternative for classified-style sites where fraud remains a potential threat. The ease of use and inherent security features has made PayOnDelivery a go to choice in the Craigslist community.

The API allows developers to integrate buying and selling features into third party apps. Additionally, API methods allow for the tracking and oversight of the shipment process. Public Documentation for the API is not currently available. Those interested can sign up at the API site.

Online payment processing has quickly evolved into a crowded field. However, PayOnDelivery's unique, pay upon delivery value proposition positions it uniquely in this competitive market. As more users find security in this platform, especially in insecure environments, expect PayOnDelivery to gain traction.

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