PayPal Concludes First Global Hackathon Series

PayPal has concluded its first ever global hackathon. The Battle Hack series visited ten cities across the world in 2013. Each stop on the tour included a city winner, concluding with a two-day World Championship at PayPal's headquarters. The ten regional winners met at the World Championship with a simple challenge from PayPal: build an application that benefits the community and utilizes the PayPal API.

John Lunn, Global Director of PayPal's Developer Network, was pleased to announce the winner and award Team Moscow the $100,000 prize money:

"We're thrilled to share that the awesome team from Moscow has won $100,000 for its innovative Donate Now app....We truly believe that developers can help change the world. The goal of our Battle Hack program is to find the best and brightest developers across the globe that could do just that. The response from our inaugural Battle Hack competition has been overwhelming, with several cities selling out and bringing talented hackers."

Team Moscow's Donate Now, allows anyone to donate money to a cause without filling out time-consuming, confusing forms. The team of four used Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and PayPal to develop the easy donation system. Team Moscow explained their line of thinking and praised PayPal's support of the developer community:

"People love helping others in need, but there are so many obstacles that can make it hard to donate....The commitment to great developer tools and the attention we received from PayPal's evangelists and mentors throughout the competition gave us a unique opportunity to showcase what we do every day--build terrific applications to solve pressing problems."

Battle Hack 2013 toured the world and brought many creative apps out of the woodwork. PayPal continues to devote itself to the developer community and its global hackathon series showcases its dedication. PayPal already has plans for a 2014 rendition. For more information, visit the Battle Hack site.

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