Paytronix API Provides Loyalty Functionality Access

Forget coupons and punch cards — these days, customers are expecting something a little more intuitive to get their attention. That’s where Paytronix comes in: a guest loyalty tool that provides reward programs, email clubs, gift and comp solutions, data insights, and more. By providing an API, the company also makes this functionality available to be integrated into other applications.
Paytronix is focused on creating loyal guest behavior. In the pursuit of this, it is continuously analyzing data and adding to its already successful list of features. Some of these features include:

  • Reward programs that include the POS-integrated rewards solution, smartphone apps, mobile-friendly guest web pages, and a promotion and messaging engine.
  • Email clubs with easy-to-use tools, automated campaigns and promotions.
  • Gift programs that include mobile gift solutions, multi-channel merchandising, marketing tools, and reporting functionality.
  • Comp programs that are tracked separately from gift programs.
  • Data insights that help users to uncover actionable insights from data sources, helping them to make better marketing decisions and obtain better results.

 The Paytronix REST API accepts calls in JSON or XML, and users will need an Oauth token for authentication. Paytronix has also provided extensive documentation with tips and best practices for integration, as well as a ‘Try REST Today’ console that allows users to play around with the API a bit to get a feel for how it all works. Further information is available on the website.

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