PayZang Launches Payment Processing API

PayZang, payment processing provider, has introduced a new payment API. The API allows merchants to integrate payment options with third party applications and platforms. PayZang hopes to attract new customers with the API because Integration will speed up online shopping and bill pay experiences. In a press release, PayZang commented:

"The new payment API enables a seamless integration of all current payment methods so that online purchases, billing, one-time or recurring subscriptions or any other payment activity can be executed in a way that is both comfortable and safe to the end customer. The new payment API gives you the ability to take ACH payments in addition to Card payments in the same way."

PayZang has attracted thousands of customers that span across size and industry through its simple, secure, and reliable payment processing Platform. Users enjoy PayZang's flexibility because PayZang processes multiple payment types (ACH, card, etc.) and various payment plans (single exchange, subscriptions, etc.). With a straightforward API, PayZang integrates into most apps, workflows, and storefronts.

Out of the box, PayZang uses REST protocol. However, if SOAP better suits a solution's needs, the PayZang team can accommodate the need. API methods support customer profile setup (bank account, credit card, contact info, etc.), card processing, and eCheck/ACH processing. Those interested can get started by filling out a contact form.

Payment processing introduces new players to the online marketplace continuously. A payment processing API has become table stakes to compete in this space. However, the flexibility of PayZang's API presents a value proposition that enables wide spread adoption for customers of all shapes and sizes.

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