The Pealk-Viadeo Merger Combines a Great Headhunting App with a Large Professional Social Network

Quick: Name that professional network with more than 50 million members. Did you guess... Viadeo? LinkedIn is larger, with over 175 million members. But Viadeo has upped it is game with its acquisition of Pealk, which bills itself as the #1 head hunting App on the web. According to the press release, that search ability is what Viadeo is after.

"The buyout means that Viadeo members will get access to Pealk’s innovative web app, a streamlined interface that helps SMBs [small to medium businesses] find and contact professionals on social networks. "A Professional Social Network Service's value depends not only on the size of its member base, but on how members can use it to their advantage,” states Dan Serfaty, co-founder and CEO of Viadeo. “That makes Pealk the most innovative product we’ve released in the last five years, thanks to its ability to democratize social networking for business purposes."

Linked in and Pealk have butted heads over headhunting as recently as last June, notes Programmableweb's own Adam Duvander, over Pealk's alleged terms-of-service violations that were never made clear by LinkedIn,

"There does seem to be a disconnect between many developers and API providers on exactly what open means. Most terms make it clear that downloading the whole database is not the purpose of an API. However, where a company sits along that continuum is one that has more to do with business model and infrastructure Scaling than the ideal of a completely open web."

According France's The Rude Baguette (whose slogan is "pardon my French"), "Viadeo continues to grow in the emerging markets, with offices in Morocco, China, India, Mexico, Senegal, employing 400 people worldwide."

Viadeo also has a Graph API that makes RESTful calls and responses are formatted in XML and JSON.

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