Pearson Advances Strategy with 7th API: dkimages

How many companies that sprouted in 1724 can boast of an API launch in 2012? Pearson, now in its 288th year, has announced its 7th API. Pearson, continually finding value in the API method of market strategy, expanded its resources available via API with the dkimages API. The latest in Pearson's API lineup consists of "an encyclopaedic collection of 90,000 high-resolution images, ready to [integrate, and range from] classic whilte background shots to in-situ images." The API allows developers to integrate the collection with existing apps through purchasing, listing, viewing, or searching for images.

Pearson often spurs thoughts of old-school, print reference guides. However, Pearson has erupted across the globe with its wide range of APIs (the latest being dkimages). Pearson has actively participated and shown off dkimages at a series of recent tech events (i.e. TechCrunch Disrupt 2012, 5 AT&T Hackathons, and Hacks Hackers Hacking). Pearson has partnered with the likes of AT&T, Tumblr, and Moment; and shows no intention of backing away from the world of Web 2.0 learning.

The dkimages API uses REST protocol and utilizes XML and JSON data formats. Developers wishing to integrate the API must apply for a key and then buy credits. The credits will be deducted as images are used by an app. As an alternative, developers can apply for a production key, which gives developers greater access to images on a monthly subscription fee basis.

Pearson, long trusted for its content, has evolved its resources into a 21st century usage model. The dkimages API merely expresses Pearson's dedication to continued innovation to pair with top-notch content. Developers interested in the API can apply for a key at the developer's site.

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