Pearson is Cooking up Something Good

Pearson is a worldwide educational publishing company that provides learning materials, certifications, and multimedia learning tools. The company has access to an amazing amount of data surrounding a seemingly endless list of topics. Now, with the Pearson Kitchen Manager API developers can tap into at least a portion of Pearson’s knowledge base.

The Pearson Kitchen Manager API hosts almost 2,500 recipes that are pulled from pearson bestselling books, On Cooking and Food for Fifty. Pearson has plans to add more content in the future.

On Cooking

On Cooking is a cooking textbook that is in its fifth edition and was first published over 15 years ago. The book provides Culinary Arts instruction and focuses on what is referred to in the book as “The five areas essential to a well-rounded culinary professional; Professionalism, Preparation, Cooking, Garde Manger, and Baking."

Food for Fifty

Food for Fifty is an instructional manual on how to prepare food in large quantities. The book provides a wide range of recipes accompanied by instructions on how to select and prepare menus.

The Pearson Kitchen Manager API is one of 45 food APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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