Pearson Launches 5th API

Pearson, a household name in the education and training markets, typically brings traditional study materials to mind (e.g. thick study books, video lectures, etc.). However, Pearson recently launched its fifth API showing a dedication to innovation and meeting the rapidly changing technology scene where Pearson students live on a daily basis. Pearson's latest API, Nursing and Health Survival Guides API, allows developers to integrate data from Pearson's highly acclaimed Nursing guides into an application of choice.

Diana Stepner, Pearson head of future technologies, believes "[t]he healthcare sector is a digital growth area and making this new API available will allow developers to address this need and find new creative ways to bring the information to life." Whether studying or practicing, the reference material available via the API will allow users to access valuable information in a convenient format. Stepner continued: "Pearson continues to open up its information and content to third parties and we are really excited to announce another data set."

The new Pearson API utilizes a REST protocol and XML data format. Free Sandbox access is available to developers. The data retrievable spans a wide range of practice areas including Nursing, Midiwifery, Dental Nursing, Physiotherapy, Paramedics, Social Work, Occupational Therapists and many more.

The entire suite of Pearson APIs has been showcased at a number of hackathons and industry events. Combining Pearson's loyal, traditional customer base with the new tech-ed startups that are exploring Pearson APIs for new applications positions Pearson well among its peers. For access to the new API, fill out this online form for free.

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