People Saying Nice Things About Your Business? Broadcast It: Propers API

A good recommendation can give your business a substantial boost. But just how do you get your potential customers to see the good things that others are saying about your company? Propers is a real-time recommendation engine that allows users to gather these recommendations and display them where required. Propers also provides the Proper API which allows third party developers to make use of this functionality and integrate it with other applications.


Having to ask for a testimonial may prove to be awkward, but providing customers or website visitors with an easy way to leave testimonials or recommendations as they please is a little more tasteful. This is what Propers aims to do. The service allows users to create a personal Propers page where they can see what people are saying and share the comments they wish to, link people to their public Propers page and embed the real-time feedback widget on their website, as well as connect all of this to all of their social network pages.

The Propers RESTful API makes it possible for developers to make use of this data. Example API methods include searching by account name and retrieving and displaying recommendations. All methods return valid JSON. More information on the API is available on the Propers website.

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