The Perils of Being a Mobile App Developer

The trouble with building mobile computing applications is that end users have little tolerance when it comes to how they expect those applications to behave. Never mind the fact that mobile applications are amongst some of the most challenging to create; the second somebody has a less than optimal experience they're off to another application. Needless to say, that puts a lot of pressure on mobile application developers.

Looking to relieve some of that pressure Perfecto Mobile announced today that it is adding a new cloud-based mobile application monitoring tool to its Platform for developing mobile applications.

According to Carlo Cadet, director of product marketing for Perfecto Mobile, MobileCloud Monitoring is a natural extension of the company’s application lifecycle management (ALM) software that is delivered as a service. That platform spans everything from the development of the application to diagnosing specific application performance issues.

Cadet contends that while there are plenty of ALM platforms out there none of them are as optimized for mobile computing applications. And it’s precisely those types of applications that need the kind of structure that an ALM platform in the cloud provides, says Cadet.

The core issue with mobile computing is two-fold. External facing applications directly affect the brand image of the company. Customers have already shown time and again they have little tolerance for flaky mobile computing applications. But the situation concerning internal facing applications can be just as tumultuous. Employees are not only quick to voice their frustration; they more often than not base their opinion on how competent the internal IT organization is on the quality of the mobile computing experience they receive.

The end result is that mobile applications draw a lot of scrutiny from the heads of various lines of businesses that have in one way or another tied revenue or productivity goals to a particular mobile computing application.

The end goal of an ALM platform, says Cadet, is to identify any potential performance issues long before they become a major business problem. It’s for this reason that enterprise IT organizations have invested so much around ALM in support of mission-critical applications. The challenge facing developers of mobile computing applications is now similar in that every application is now viewed as being mission critical.

No matter what the path chosen it’s pretty clear that when it comes to mobile computing the days of spinning out applications on a trial and error basis are coming to a close. The good news is that external and internal users of mobile computing applications have come to depend on them. The flipside of that, however, is that it’s not that end users are fickle; it’s just that they quickly run out of patience.

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