PeriShip Utilizes WeatherBug Pulse API for Real-Time Weather Data

PeriShip has partnered with Earth Networks to get real-time weather data via Earth Networks' WeatherBug Pulse API. PeriShip manages global shipments of perishable foods; thus, weather insight is crucial to its business. The WeatherBug Pulse API provides weather data from more than 2.6 million worldwide locations that enables PeriShip to prepare, adjust and deliver world-class services.

earth network

"When fresh products are at stake, minimizing loss is critical," said PeriShip CIO Jack Wang. "The Pulse API from WeatherBug lets us keep an eye on the weather with 360-degree view of shipping conditions. In comparison to the old API we were using, the Pulse API was straightforward and easier for us to use from a programming perspective, making it possible for us to meet our time-to-market goals. It is a developer-friendly API that provides the detailed weather visualization and up-to-the-second information we require as a logistics provider focused on delivering top-notch customer service."

Earth Networks operates one of the largest weather and lightning sensor networks in the world. With millions of sensors throughout the world, Earth Networks is able to provide up-to-date information from the best possible data set. The Pulse API enables partners such as PeriShip to utilize data as best suits their needs. The API offers real-time weather data and forecasting models.

The RESTful Pulse API returns calls in either XML or JSON data formats. Basic packages start at $20 a month with weather station search, location search, real-time weather, 10-day forecast, sky condition icons and U.S. weather alerts (up to 150,000 calls per month). Plus and Pro options expand functionality. Register to learn more.

Data is a competitive advantage across global industries in the modern economy. However, data only becomes useful if it's easily accessible and digestible. PeriShip is able to utilize one of the best weather data sets available through an easy-to-integrate API. Learn more about Earth Networks' network and corresponding services by visiting the self-service portal

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