Person Search API from Whoozy, Not Just for Stalkers

Online stalking has gone programmatic. People search engine Whoozy has a person search API. With it, you can get results for a name from social networks and blogs, in addition to standard search engines.

Example Whoozy search results

The search method lets you specify the sources, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular social sites. It could also scrape up some blasts from the past, like and Windows Live.

StalkerAre there uses for Whoozy beyond being a stalker's best friend? Perhaps. Finding contacts across many different social services is still a chore. One could use the Whoozy API to help identify your Facebook friends on LinkedIn, for example.

If this still makes you woozy, perhaps the best use of Whoozy could be finding all of your own old social accounts and closing them down.

Photo by DeusXFlorida

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