Personal Remedies Announces Open API for Nutrition Based Remedies

Personal Remedies, an e-dietician services provider focused on combatting chronic illnesses through diet, announced an Open API for chronic illness management. The Open API taps into Personal Remedies' massive evidence and expert based knowledgebase of nutrient and illness data. AI is used to Parse the database and deliver beneficial nutrient based remedies to chronic illnesses.

"Health and well-being are very personal," Mory Bahar, Personal Remedies CEO, commented in a press release. "People can only act on the information that applies to their personal situation. The dietary data, recipes and health living advice provided by so many vendors is rarely tailored to an individual's health profile. Our new API allows organizations to provide relevant and actionable information to their patients, clients, employees, and the like."

Personal Remedies previously developed a knowledgebase and associated apps that allows users to perform question and answer scenarios based on their chronic illness. The "choose this food" for "this type of illness" covers a plethora of foods, nutrients and illnesses. Illnesses specifically addressed include various cancers, Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, Diabetes, and many more.

The API is RESTful and allows third party developers and applications to call the "choose this" for "this type of illness" functionality developed by Personal Remedies. The converse method of "avoid this" for "this type of illness" is also available through the API. The knowledge base from which the answers are pulled are based on evidentiary studies and expert reviews. For more specifics, visit the announcement page.

Personal Remedies envisions a number of use cases for the API. From expanded telehealth services and chronic care management, to recipe apps and food is medicine type services, the Open API could empower an entirely new level of health services.

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