Personalize via the Findory APIs

Findory founder Greg Linden has announced interesting new API updates. Findory uses personalization technology to find content tailored to your interests automatically. They spider thousands of news, blog, and multimedia sources to match reading history to new material. What's new? The API now lets you basically build your own newsreader. From the announcement:

The new version of the API is much more powerful than the old. For example, you can access recent articles for any source, articles that match a keyword, or articles by subject. With this, you could build your own news site or feed reader on top of Findory instead of writing your own crawl. You can get access to your own reading history. You could share it with others, run other searches based on your Findory reading habits, or combine your reading with other people to create aggregated lists of favorite articles. You can even get related articles for any article or source. Combine that with your reading history, maybe throw in some filters, and you can generate your own recommendations. In fact, there is enough here in the new Findory API that, with a database for caching data and for remembering reader's histories, you pretty much could build your own version of Findory with it.

You can see the Findory API listing here. Below is one of the mashups listed, Resultr, which as noted in Mashups as High School Homework was created as a class project.


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