Phaxio the First JSON-enabled Fax API

And you thought that faxing was a thing of the past. At Phaxio, it's service is so hop that it doesn't even use XML. The JSON-only Phaxio API lets you send faxes for 7 cents per page and you can get a confirmation of each fax’s total cost through the API itself. Account level information is available as well. Detailed information about all faxes sent over a specific time period can also be retrieved from the API.

Phaxio is way too cool to mess around with XML.  Who’s doing that now anyway?  Technological elitism is a little funny when you’re revamping faxes, but hey, if you’re going to do some faxing, that doesn’t mean you have to be old fashioned. Of the 8 fax APIs in our directory, Phaxio is the only one to support JSON.

This RESTful API allows you to check the status of faxes that you’ve attempted to send so that you don’t have to wonder what’s happened.  With the level of detail available through the API, it seems that the developers behind this really want you to build a web app that interfaces with their service. Perhaps its simplicity and clear documentation will lead you to use it in your next fax related application.

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Greatest idea ever! Boy are you guys going to be millionaires, and quickly!!!


Actually, the FaxLogic REST API also supports JSON.